Development Boards : List and Features

A development board is a printed circuit board with hardware and circuits compatible with a certain microcontroller for the purpose of experimentation.
Here is the list of list of components generally used on a development board:
-Power Circuit which is set up to run a 9V power supply
-Basic inputs and outputs (LEDs mostly)
-Programming Interface that lets you program a microcontroller from a computer
-I/O pins for everything else according to necessity- sensors, motors, screens etc.

Working with development boards can be very didactic and amusing – all at the same time.
We present you with a list of the most widely  used development boards and the relevent information :

AVR Development Board:

It was developed by Atmel in 1996. The reason for it’s fame when it arrived was that it was among the pioneer microcontroller families that used flash memory on-chip for sorage of the programme.


On Board Voltage Regulator with filters and operating voltage from 6V – 12V.

16MHz crystal oscillator for maximum speed.

Interfaced LEDs.

RED LED as a Power Indicator.

Power on/off push button switch.

In built motor driving circuitry (4 DC / 2 Stepper motor).

Motor on/off push button switch.

On board LCD connector.

LCD brightness control variable resistor

All Pins accessible through male header pins.

5V DC power output male header pins for circuit enhancement
AVR development board in India costs within the range of 250-1600 rs depending upon the type of AVR one wants to buy.
8051 Development Board:

This  was produced by Silicon Laboratories, Inc. It is widely in use from household security systems to password based household security system, from LCD’s accelerometer application to it’s custom characters displaying. 8051 development board has varied application uses.

Features :

8051 Development Board with inbuilt programmer.

On board Voltage Regulator with filters and operating voltage- 5V to 12V.

DB-9 connector to connect with the serial port of the computer(UART communication).

On Board IN-circuit programmer consisting AT89C2051 and MAX232.

11.0592 MHz Crystal Oscillator for clock pulsing.

In built motor driving circuitry (4 DC / 2 Stepper motor).

2 pin connector to connect the Power Supply.

Red Led as Power Indicator.

Green Led as Programming Indicator.

A jumper to toggle between Programming circuit and Reset circuit.

All ports accessible through Male Header Pins.

PIC development boards and ARM development boards are among others that are liked and recommended by robotic enthusiasts around the globe.
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