Kala Vidya mandir Institute of Technology, malad, Mumbai

DIMAT Holds Workshop in Android App Development, Raipur April-2015 Times World  Group has organized its First Android Workshop centered around the business opportunities of Android. The number of Android-based Smartphone users has been rising steadily in Hungary. Based on Times World  Group’s data, Hungary had more than 4,6000,000 apex. Mobile phone users running the Google OS in 2014-15. The same level of dominance is confirmed by Statcounter1 that put the ratio of Android-based handsets in the Hungarian smartphone market to over 50% in 2014.

DSC_0301“The first workshops DSC_0269discussed several usage scenarios of Android-based smartphones from environmental protection to healthcare and education. This time, we approached the opportunities of the Google OS from the developers’ perspective. The high number of participants shows that many people are interested to get a behind-the-scenes look at application development”, said Raj Sherma , Social Media Expert (CEO) of Times World  Group.


DSC_0256Adobe’s expert presented the tricks and tips of fast and easy Android development, while Stereobold and Gerilla Group leaders talked about their career and achievements in programming. The senior developer of Sanoma’s International Mobile Development Centre provided an overview of customer expectations for app development, while Digital Natives’ expert gave an insight into the minute details of development.


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