Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Robohaat has come up with exciting new product kits for making Robots.

A kit for making Robust, Obstacle Avoiding Robots.

The Kit is Arduino Based, and works using an Ultra-Sonic Sensor for obstacle handling. It can be used as an inspiration to make driverless cars or making self driving automated Robots.

The kit along with a comprehensive guide to assembling and operating the robot, contains the following equipment for building the Robot:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Gear DC Motor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Breadboard
  • Connecting wires
  • Battery

The Ultrasonic sensor sends out a signal to detect the range and distance of obstacles around, and waits for the reflected signal. It calculates the distance of the obstacle using the time taken by the signal to return after being emitted from the sensor. The robot would move until it detects any obstacles at a distance of 15 cm. Once it detects any obstacles in its path, it would stop and then start moving in the away from the obstacle, i.e opposite to its original direction of motion.

Several new Robot Building Equipment and Kits are presently on Sale on the RoboHaat Website, at heavily discounted prices. Kits for all TechnoXian Challenges: Robo-War, Robo-Soccer, Robo-Race, Line Follower, Micro-Mouse, Quad-Copter, RC Craft and Water Rocket are available for discounted prices for learners studying at schools and colleges. Robotic accessories ranging from Relay Modules, Arduino to Bread Board and Battery Holder are available at RoboHaat.


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