Organization’s culture : Employee’s behavior

Different factors determines an employee’s behavior at workplace. It is vice versa whether employees are shaped by organization’s culture or they develop organization’s culture. Company rely on employees to deliver high quality services and while doing it employee behavior is impacted by variety of forces both internal and external. So employees who have experience and aware of these forces, can be prepared themselves and can have positive impact among the team members. The largest expense for any company is the cost of employee. Good managers work hard, sets examples, develop set of expectations in employee’s mind towards achieving company’s goal. Companies implements lots of change initiatives and that requires alteration to employees behavior. Chances of failure are exceedingly high as most of the initiative fails. It can be one of three things;

The final result of initiative land significantly below expectation
The initiative never garners support
Company reverts back to its original starting point
But the initiatives that succeeds depends on employees behavior and that is the biggest challenge. Large initiatives requires extensive fundamental changes and if organization is able to transition employees through this change is often essential that defines failure or success.


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