SMO is the new SEO!!

The internet world can be ruled by one simple mechanism- Search Engine optimization!
To get on the top of the search results take a lot more than just an SEO package. Content, rankings, social media are all nuts and bolts of the same machine.
Social media optimization is the new SEO. With every person getting connected to the world through facebook, twitter, linkedin and what not, it gets important to connect to audience through social media to attract new audiences, boost web traffic and generate tangible leads.


The major difference between SEO and SMO is that through search engines, audience connects when they are looking for a specific information, commodity or a product. While on Social media, there’s no clear objective of connecting. People connect to brands and fellow people and check on the latest updates, news and events.
Both the approaches to get your company business should be considered complementary yet distinct.

To make your brand visible and in viable reach of people, it important to keep the underlying points in mind:

-Know about your company objectives inside out:
Know what goals and aims your company strives for.
Understanding the objectives leads your way to where your audience is, how to reach them and the areas of interests of the target audience. Ensuring the expenses and the way to your audience’s minds and hearts can all be done with this great approach.
It is very important to strategize in a manner that generates good revenue.

-Half of heart by John Mayer may sound nice but following it just gets you killed:

To make a success out of content-driven SEO and SMO, it is a must to not engage in half-hearted work.
Social media would only unleash it’s true and authentic power when you take out time to establish a relationship with your audience which is impossible without prior planning and strategy.

-Analyse your results and work accordingly:

Most of the businesses make a mistake in the social media analysis by relying on the fan count. Fan count could be a judging glass for the audience but never for the business.
More concrete data analysis parameter like sales, newsletter sign ups and web traffic should be taken into account. Choosing data points that complement the results you are striving for in order to evaluate the drawbacks and shortcomings.
Better strategizing can only be achieved by looking at realistic milestones towards the company’s objectives.

-Its a People’s platform:

Not forgetting the audience’s perspective of social media is the key to success while dealing with SMO. People do not have anything to do with data and sales. Content marketing and social media is about connecting accordant audience on a single platform.
Spreading the word, trust and messages delivery constitute the cement for firm relationship with the audience. Entwine your brand with your community using this powerful tool!

Not only are SEO and SMO useful for companies and businesses but with emergence of the technology, more employment opportunities have been generated.
Search engine optimization courses are available on the internet in heaps and tons. Going through all of them may not ensure a complete understanding of the subject. At TIMTS, we provide you with an in-depth understanding of SEO tools andsocial media training.
With distance education gaining popularity among the masses, its generating opportunities for students and professionals to be in their current role and still take up advanced courses and enhance their skill set.  And the best part about TIMTS is that you can pursue our courses sitting at any corner of the world!


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