Spreading our wings

Country wide Outreach and Online Education will re-imagine and redefine learning to enact positive change and improve society. If we try to understand the root cause of unemployment or underemployment, the major reasons are hoary syllabus, untrained faculties specially in B and C category cities, support material availability for latest technologies, synergy gap with industries requirement, high cost of new technologies learning, geographical constraints etc. TIMTS is now providing increased access to today’s diverse student population seeking rigorous academic programs for career placement, advancement, transition, or advanced studies. Internationally recognized for institution-wide commitment to academic excellence and completion rates for online and blended programs supported by innovative teaching, active learning, co-curricular engagement, and alumni, as well as affiliation with leading national/international education bodies like AIMA, eDC of IIT Delhi, IAARC, USDLA, IADL etc, TIMTS is now expending its operation very fast and now opening eCampus in each B category town. TIMTS is aiming to foster, support, and promote excellence in teaching and learning in online and blended education, enhancing student engagement in courses and co-curricular activities, encouraging innovative teaching and learning practices that meet the needs of today’s diverse learners and facilitate university-wide engagement that supports access, student development and academic success.

All investors, who are willing to engage themselves to become a serious education service provider, located in remote cities where access to advance education is a challenge, are welcome to join hands. Presently operational in 35 cities, TIMTS is now spreading wings to reach almost in every district headquarter town.. Call Shweta @ 7835053333


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