The road to fast-track MBA

The age that we currently live in is so fast-paced and ever embracing of changes.
Like they say, “Change is the only constant”, education system in India and across has been fast changing it’s face from a four walled classroom equipped with professors and teachers to a virtual classroom where classes and lessons are taught by high-end industry professionals, trainers and teachers. Factors like distance and location are fast diminishing with the introduction of online education to meet the educational requirements of people who cannot afford to leave the roles they are currently in.

online distance education

How did such a change take place?

It’s time we raise a toast to Globalisation! The changes that take place in one part of the world are not unreachable like they used to be! Internet plays an intermediate role in spreading the new ideas and information to the remotest parts of the world. And by the virtue of Internet, it is now possible for people to educate themselves without shifting their base!

How did MBA spread its wings in the international Arena?

MBA was first introduced in America in the late 80’s, when management was seen in the light of science and ever since then, it has been growing tremendously in all parts of the world becoming one of the most enrolled in courses in the world!
Now there are various routes to get an MBA degree. Two year MBA program is the most common and straight road to get a kickstart to a successful and lucrative career.
Accelerated MBA, Executive MBA and Part-time MBA are relatively new and give a great competition to Two year MBA program. With people getting occupied by activities and roles, the latter types of MBA has been in rage and give equivalent opportunities of a great career as does a typical go-to-college-MBA!

Before enrolling yourself into an online MBA program, it’s important to ask yourself and your target institution these three questions:

-Accreditation Agency:
There are various agencies that provide accreditation to various B-schools. Some of these are genuine and others are just money-making businesses.
It is a must for every individual/ student to check the accreditation agency of the target B-school and AACSB international, AIMA are two of the most popular accreditations for MBA!
It’s important for students to get into an institution that stands for the best quality education in Business management.

-Worth the cost:
This factor is an extension of the previous factors. Like already explained, there are various institutions that are run for money-making with no good facilities and course content. Beware of such institutions that cost you a lot of money and in return provide you with bad education value!

-Projects that bring you face-to-face with real world Problems:
The purpose of MBA recruitment in organizations is to apply academic knowledge into use for the business development. Hence it becomes important for institutions to put the energy and knowledge of students in the direction of real world problems and troubleshooting them.

TIMTS Distance MBA has been recommended by many professionals and students due to provision of quality education and all the above-stated three factors! With online education in India reaching unimaginable heights of success, it has become a must to check on the institution and go for the best one available and save your time, money and resources from going in vain!


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