Your guide to franchise opportunities in India

Franchise has gained great momentum in the present world. It is no more a category limited to the elite strata of society. With globalization and liberalization having a powerful grasp over the nation, one witnesses many new entrants in our desi land.
Online education franchise
Investors want to invest a business and yield high profits and revenues from the franchise businesses. From buying a business model to generating profits, franchise offers a variety of add-ons to the investor as well as the owner making it a win-win situation. The cycle again adds to the grand-scale company growth profiting it’s franchise in return too.
India is a fertile land not only for spices and crops but for marketing and setting up new franchise. Franchising in India was worth USD 13.4 billion in 2012 and was expected to witness an increase of 30% in CAGR over the span of next 5 years!
Here is a list of most profitable franchise business in India:

-Automobile Franchise:
Due to a general increase in automobile industry in fusion with India’s growing economy, automobile franchise appears to be one of the most profitable businesses.
With tastes of people getting more and more western, new doors have opened for automobile industry to see it’s golden future in the country.
From buying a franchise of a specific brand to buying a business models of various automobile services such as washing and services, automobile franchise is a proactive solution to all the investor queries and concerns!

-Fashion franchise:
In order to meet the ever growing or so it seems demands of designer wear in India, fashion franchise is touching skies. Many new designers go the safe way by taking up fashion franchise and taking a training and generating profits for themselves and the owners of the brands.
This opens up in-house jobs, new stores and an accelerated fame of the brand. Satya Paul and Rohit Bal are among various designers to go for the franchise routes.

Education Franchise:
DPS, kidzee, Ryan, Kiddie, tutor doctor are among various established brands offering education franchise in India. With distance education spreading it’s wings in the territory of online tutoring and learning, distance education franchise is the future of franchise in educational field.
Online education in India is slowly gaining momentum with the enhancement of technology and the system. TIMTS offer computer education franchise to all those eager investors who are looking for a perfect platform to make and earn money as a team!


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