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All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) is a Non-Profit with over 35,000 members, working to set the standards of Robotics and Automation globally.

It strives to enhance the technical capabilities of individuals and associations working in the field of Robotics and Automation while instilling the values of Excellence and Leadership. AICRA works to create conditions suitable for the creation of Quality Institutions and For-Profit Organizations. Providing Technical Support Systems, Quality Assurance, Information Systems, Train The Trainer(TTT), Strengthening Supplementary Skill Development, Fostering Private Efforts to build scalable models, are some of the activities undertaken by AICRA under the purview of its efforts for sustaining growth in Indian Robotics and Automation realm.

AICRA works in the pursuit of its mission to:

  • Upgrade Robotics & Automation skills to international standards
  • Enhance, support and coordinate private sector initiatives for skill development
  • Play the role of a “market-maker” by improving market mechanisms.
  • Prioritize initiatives with the potential of cascading long term effects.


Since its inception, AICRA has revolutionized Indian Automation Education sector, and Set the standards for Corporate and Industrial Practices. It has become the platform for India’s Policy Makers, Leaders, Executives and Academicians to come together for knowledge transfer and exchange of best practices.

AICRA offers individuals and corporate, the opportunity to gain worldwide credibility and work closely with its team of experts and leaders by taking its membership at nominal fees. Apart from regular access to AICRA’s Technical Resources, Webinars, e-Magazine, Exhibits, Conferences and Licensure, members can benefit from AICRA’s exclusive systemic guidance in Project Development and Quality Assurance.

To work alongside other industry leaders and government organizations on high impact collaborative skill development projects, Industries and Corporate can associate with AICRA in any of the following ways:

  1. Direct Sponsorship Model

    • Become a sponsor to AICRA’s Robotics skill development and engagement programs: India STEM Summit, World Robotics Championship – TechnoXian, Global AI Summit, Global IOT Summit, India Business Summit etc.
    • Sponsor candidates for skill enhancement programs
    • Project Development in association with AICRA
    • Offer Training Programs at their facilities and machinery
    • Implement the project through AICRA Training Partners
    • Co-Branding with AICRA.
  2. Setting up of Centers of Excellence
    • Setup/Upgrade a Robotics Skill Development facility to be a Center of Excellence focused in sector/areas of strategic importance.
    • The center may be operated directly by Corporate or in collaboration with a relevant Training Partner.
    • Focus on Trainer the Trainer (TTT), Training of Assessor (ToA) Programs, specialized programs focused on Robotics skills.
    • Establish collaboration with foreign partners to develop transnational standards through B2B partnerships with the support of AICRA.
    • Co-brand Training Center/Institute in association with AICRA
  3. Setting up of Training Centers
    • Setup corporate owned Robotics & Automation skill training Centers/Institutes.
    • Operate independently or with an affiliated AICRA Training Partner.
    • Provide Training across with a vision to:
      • Create benchmark institutions run and monitored closely by the corporate, creating aspirations for vocational skills 
      • Provide a sustainable model for delivery of skills through quality infrastructure.
      • Deliver industry driven training in manufacturing and services sector with a special focus on dedicated labs and support for robotics skills.
  4. Setting up of NxR Labs
    • Corporate and AICRA can jointly setup an open Next Generation Robotics Lab (NxR) that can offer technical hardware, software and training support in a particular area.
    • Ensure through joint monitoring with AICRA that labs are delivering on quality standards.
    • Ensure continuous engagement through technology and knowledge interventions, on-the-job training/ internship programs for graduates.
  5. Donating Land, Building or Machinery

    • Provide an appropriate facility to be used a Robotics Skills Development Center.
    • Support existing programs through basic setup costs and equipment donation.
    • Provision land for Incubation Centers, NxR Labs.
  6. Align your technology with AICRA Education programs
    • Participate in various activities of AICRA in line with your business operations.
    • Work directly with AICRA to contribute to development of Robotics Industry Standards
    • Align existing Training Centers to offer AICRA aligned programs
    • Undertake Recognition of certification programs for employees for AICRA alignment.
  7. Setting up a Robotics Business Unit

    • Setup a Robotics Skill Development Organization either as a new business unit, independent trust/society with equity infusion from parent entity and/or promoters/trustees.
    • Become a Non-Funding Training Partner where funding is not sought.

For further details on Membership Benefits, Agreements and Fees visit AICRA website or click here.

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