ROBOFIESTA – School Robotics Competition

Robofiesta is a national level championship in the field of Robotics, Android Development and Ethical Hacking for School and College students in India. All participants are given an International Certification in Association with IAARC [International Association for Automation & Robotics in Construction], USDLA [United States Distance Learning Association] & IADL [International Association for Distance Learning]

Robofiesta is organised by Times World Group in association with Indian Institutes of Technology, with a mission of educating young learners in Robotics and other Advanced Technologies. By introducing them to the world of technology through participation in competitive challenges and events, Robofiesta instills the spirit of winning in their minds along with the skills they acquire during the course of the event.

Robofiesta is organized at Indian Institute of Technology campuses across India, in addition to other School and College Campuses.




Before exposing students to competition, Robofiesta gives them the right learning resources by the means of organizing workshops on different skills. The workshops are delivered by seasoned experts in:

  • Robotics
  • Android App Development
  • Quad-copter
  • Aero-modelling
  • Information Security and Ethical Hacking
  • Automobile Engineering
  • AutoCAD
  • Digital Marketing
  • 3Ds MAX
  • Autobotics
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Cellbotics
  • XBee Robotics
  • Hand Controlled Robotics
  • Bluebotrics
  • Wireless Robotics
  • Bluedroid


After going through the rigorous training during the workshops, the students participate at institute level competition. Among the winners from Schools and Colleges, participants for State Level Challenges are shortlisted who compete against each other at the State Robofiesta . As the competition gets more grueling each day, the experts and educators working alongside the students provide their guidance to the young minds.


Those who deliver excellence at the State Level competition, go on to participate at the National Level Robofiesta competition and face the toughest level of challenges that Robofiesta has in store.


Robofiesta has won 40+ Awards, for being vanguards of Robotics Education in India.
With staggering figure of Twenty Thousand workshops, and Thirty Two Hundred Projects, Robofiesta has made relations with over 1400 clients.


The Trainings and Workshops delivered by Robofiesta invigorate the innovative spirit of students and instill the need for technical training. Students who have undergone training at Robofiesta have been champions at every Robotics competition, proving their mastery in the Art of Robot making.


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