Professional Certifications in Robotics and Automation

Professionals aiming to make a career in the field of Robotics and Automation, remain clueless when it comes to gaining professional affiliation for their skills. Despite a plethora of training schools there is an acute lack of credible quality institutions, which is paralyzing the advancements of Indian Robotics and Automation sector.

Robotics and Automation Professionals have to engage in job profiles that can be described as lackluster at best. On the other hand, Industries and Corporate face a dearth of appropriately skilled talent, which has proved skills in Robotics and Automation.


All India Council for Robotics and Automation has come up with Professional Certifications in Robotics and Automation. AICRA has professional authority when it comes to Robotics and Automation Education in India. These certifications are verifiable on AICRA website.

The Certification Examinations are held bi-annually across India, at AICRA Training Centers (ATCs).
The ATCs are located at: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Ahmedabad.The course material and learning resources are available online, which can be accessed by applicants at the AICRA website.


Professionals can opt from three certifications:

  1. AICRA Certified Technology Associate – ACTA
  2. AICRA Certified Technology Professional – ACTP
  3. AICRA Certified Technology Expert – ACTE


The various certifications show varying levels of expertise with Robotics and Automation Skills. Each Certification covers different technologies, requisites for a spectrum of job roles. The Associate Certification enables professionals to showcase their eligibility for Entry to Mid Level Roles. The Professional Certification and Expert Certification opens opportunities for Mid to Senior Level Work Opportunities. AICRA also assists Certified Professional in finding a suitable job, by offering a 100% job guarantee with Certifications.


  • The Associate Level Certification – ACTA requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and 1-2 Years of Professional Experience.
    The Scope of the ACTA covers the following topics:

    • Architecture of Embedded System
    • Embedded Control Systems
    • Distributed Embedded System
    • Real Time Operating Systems
    • Software & Hardware Modelling
    • Memory and Interfacing
    • Linux and Data Structure


  • The Professional Level Certification – ACTP requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and 1-2 Years of Professional Experience.
    The Scope of the ACTP covers the following topics:

    • Communication protocol
    • Network Embedded Application
    • Embedded Hardware Design in ASIC and FPGA
    • Advanced / Embedded C programming
    • Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks


  • The Expert Level Certification – ACTE requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and 1-2 Years of Professional Experience.
    The Scope of the ACTE covers the following topics:

    • Embedded Firmware Concepts and Design
    • Embedded Applications using Data structures
    • Logic Programming Analysis
    • DSP Integrated Circuits
    • System-On-Chip (SOC) Design


The study for Certifications can be done through Self study of Text books, on-site classroom programs, online courses or concentrated boot camps offered across multiple venues, including AICRA authorized learning partners. The Registration for Tests can be done online 7 weeks in advance to the Test Date.The Tests can be taken at ATCs located in multiple Indian Cities.

The duration of online test is Two hours, while the practical lab test can take up-to Eight hours to finish. The passing scores may vary from test to test.

The Certifications and Test Scores have the validity of Three years. Achieving a Higher Level of certification Reactivates the previous levels of Certifications.


To know about the certifications in detail, visit this link.




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