Summer & Winter Training

Internships and Summer/Winter Trainings are a crucial aspect for students getting ready to make a bright career for themselves. A good internship stands out on your resume and gives you a competitive edge over your peers in the job market. In addition to the exposure and professional experience, one also learns if the particular field or industry is the right step towards fulfilling personal and professional aspirations.

STIP by AICRA is a pragmatic Industry oriented training program for those who aspire to work in the core technical industry domain. The internationally accredited certification by AICRA would add value to the training experience in a way that would bring access to otherwise inaccessible professional opportunities. Undergoing a training at an AICRA associated industry would expose students to an environment which will challenge them to grow as leaders and sharpen their technical skills at the same time. This dynamic experience would give a confidence boost to candidates, by enforcing a stronger belief in their capabilities, as they implement their knowledge in solving real world problems.

Students enrolled in a Bachelor’s Program in Engineering and Technology can chose any of the multiple programs in STIP. Programs are available both in classroom and virtual mode, with a training duration of 15 or 45 days depending on the course selected.

In the classroom mode, following programs are available:

  • 45 Days:
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Embedded System & Robotics
    • MATLAB With Robotics
    • Embedded Systems with Arduino
    • Internet of Things
    • Raspberry Pi
  • 15 Days:
    • Embedded With AVR Controller
    • Quad-Copter (UAV)

Following Online/Virtual courses are available for training:

  • 45 Days:
    • CATIA
    • AutoCAD
    • SolidWorks
    • CREO
    • ANSYS
  • 15 Days:
    • Android App Development

The training in each course would start with an introduction to the subject, instilling a deep understanding of the basics of the technology. Then the course would gradually move to teaching more advanced concepts, and eventually a project work would be assigned which would be the real learning experience for students as they implement their knowledge to produce tangible results.

The classroom programs are available at centers in different cities of India located in different regions: New Delhi, Noida, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Upon successful completion of the STIP, candidates would receive a certificate from AICRA in addition to the Industry certificate earned by them. The experience of working with experts of the industry would have a lasting impact over the performance of candidates in any ventures they take after the training. Candidates delivering a satisfactory performance during the training would have their profiles shared with AICRA member companies, thus giving them a definite head-start in their career.