TechnoXian Vigorously Taking Workshops, Building a Team

International Robotics league presented by TechnoXian that continues to take the nation with the blow, is taking up more and more workshops at different cities across the nation. On 13th and 14th August, Hindustan Aeronautical College in Pune organized a workshop on Quadcopters which attracted more than 50 students.
The workshop presented by G.Yashwant Kumar of TechnoXian was delivered successfully. “The workshop on quadcopters has been very informative and the professionals from TechnoXian helped us with the problematic areas” a student was quoted as saying.
During the workshop, the students got a chance to showcase their robotic models and learn the robotics and automation tips that help them to strengthen their projects for the grand finale of the league.
Students were seen working on their robots and quadcopters. Many got through the prelims of the IRL and were selected for the zonal round.
Teams are building all over the nation to appear for the International Tournament to be held in February, 2016.


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