Robots are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, from the automated floor cleaners in our homes to the nomads exploring Mars. However, while recent years have seen significant progress in the development of affordable, general purpose robotic machines, the capabilities of these machines far exceed our ability to write software to adequately control. I could see a great future ahead for robotics. In a recent progress AICRA has stepped forward to launch Robotic Lab at schools where in students will be trained by professionals and their creativity/ visualization will shape up the new invention. RoboLab is a unique step that harnesses the collective strengths of student’s ideas, and brings together the best expertise from industry and academic community to spearhead AICRA’s efforts to be a world leader in modern advanced robotics

We set up our 1st Robotic Lab at Rewari (Haryana), a Centre of Excellence in Robotics, with a state-of-the-art infrastructure that houses specialist workshops material that includes Auto Robot, Cellphone/DTMF robot, Bluetooth Robot, Hand Gesture, Wireless Robots, ZigBee, Quad Copter/UAV and Aero Modeling etc. A student would be able to make 100+ projects in a year using his own creativity and professional’s guidance. RoboLab aims to provide a structured environment that facilitates the creation of experimental interfaces and the promotion of human-robot interaction in physical spaces. Imagine, a 5th standard student making Drone, self-controlled cars etc and developing technical skills to prepare himself as future scientist. This Lab engages in innovative practices, development of original, groundbreaking technologies and interface designs. AICRA RoboLab has also established productive partnership with leading eCommerce portalwww.robohaat.com to ensure low cost material supply as well. I believe my thoughts will provide some perspective on where we have been and how RoboLab can help participate in this exciting robotics future!!


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