It may vary to different industries or different products or services? NO.. When it comes to client acquisition, no matter what you are selling; you are actually in people business. Means you are always selling to people.

So first you need to identify your prospective customers matching your business objectives using various research or survey model. By creating more targeted and relevant communication for your services, you will improve your client acquisition ability. Once you are sure about your customer, you can go ahead with your marketing approach. It’s likely the strategy that acquires first client will be different than the another one that finds your thousand clients. Now you need to analysis what works better for your product or services. Few most popular techniques that you can apply to get maximum leads or to promote your brands are..

  • Word of mouth: You can’t keep track of word of mouth but it’s really amazing technique for any start up business. Initially you can send a personal welcome email to your 100 users, offering them amazing customer service stand out. Everyone loves Free. It’s a common tactic to entice clients and increase their moral. You may also run some referral schemes as well.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The most valuable path now a days. It actually helps your client to find out you by relevant keyword search.
  • Social Media: If you can find a visual connect with what you do then it can be a great strategy. Page creation on all social sites and regularly maintain them. With the right tools it can work to your advantage. If you know who your customer is you may be able to find them and taking feedbacks about your products.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg but initially it’s a good starting point to approach your targeted clients and acquire your first thousand customers. Your product isn’t designed for everyone. If need be, send them to your competitors because you’re building relationships and showing that your goal is to help them.


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