Technology Awareness Lecture by AICRA – at Rawal Institutions

All India Council for Robotics and Automation organized a workshop to Raise Awareness about Future Technologies, at Rawal Institutions on Friday 29, September 2018.

A team of experts from the R&D division of AICRA, visited the Rawal Institutions campus located in Faridabad and interacted with students from Science and Tech streams of study. Students were briefed about the various technologies that are emerging at a lighting fast pace.

The Technologies discussed were

  1. Artificial Intelligence – The stimulation by Computer Systems and Machines of Human like intelligence, by use of complex Learning, Reasoning and Self-Correction algorithms. It seems plausible to imagine a future, made of Humanoid Robots having Intelligence and Intellect (perhaps emotions too) to make complicated decisions, living in harmony with Human Beings in a technologically advanced society of the likes of Sci-Fi Movies. That is, if the Robots don’t pull a Matrix on us.
  2. Big Data Analytics – With the Cell Phone Revolution, oodles of customer behavior data is available with businesses, which can be analyzed to detect customer preferences and behavior, along with market trends. Analysts use techniques to process and make sense of this data, to draw conclusions that help Managers make better business decisions. But in the mounds of user data, the unique demands of customers have the potential to be lost. We hope managers don’t stop paying attention to the peculiar demands that customers may have, those that analyst-driven decisions may leave unsatisfied. Humans need Robots so we can take more vacations in the hills,  pursue our peculiar hobbies and invest in our individuality, not to become homogenized.
  3. Robotic Process Automation – Using Artificial Intelligence of Robots in automating Business Processes makes sense, given the high cost that human error can cause. Using Big Data Analysis and AI in conjunction, to make critical business decisions, has the possibility of eliminating unworthy risks and making more profit for businesses. Once this becomes possible, Robots would become managers and MBAs may start coming as software for them. The Robots are after your jobs after all!
  4. 3D Printing – With the need for making complex shapes that can build complex Robotic Machines, arises the challenge of devising the appropriate Manufacturing Process. The traditional methods of Manufacturing are diminutive in nature, and inappropriate for working with newly designed Composites. The additive nature of 3D Printing in which particles are added one after other or solidified,  into complex shapes offers the solution because it can manufacture virtually any shape out of any possible material. The world has gone far in using 3D printing technique, while India lags far behind. Innovation and specially business investment, for popularization of 3D printing in India is much needed for technological upkeep of Indian industry. The fact that anyone can now buy their look alike doll off of the internet, is because some geek used 3D Printing to make money out of Narcissism.
  5. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – From Defense Surveillance missions to Pizza Delivery, drones are now being used by any agency trying to increase their mobility and faster access to locations. Indian Defense Ministry had to sign an agreement with the US for purchasing surveillance drones, because our indigenous innovators hadn’t come up with any good ideas yet. There is a high scope of innovation and entrepreneurship in UAVs. Reconnaissance missions, and possibly the home delivery of goods and services can become much more efficient with the use of UAVs or as commonly called, Drones. No more free pizza by misleading the delivery guy.
  6. Virtual Reality – Stimulation of sensory feedback: Visual, Auditory, Haptic and perhaps Olfactory, using computer technology to create an immersive experience has been happening for quite a while now. Game Masters, Entertainers and Storytellers have been lapping it up to generate new worlds full of wonder. Virtual Reality makes it possible to experience worlds drastically different from the one we live in. The limitations that exist in the real world are eliminated and we are exposed to one where anything is possible. Imagine if we could harness this to record our dreams.
  7. Block-Chain Technology – As sophisticated & secure as the identity of its inventor known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, Block Chain was created to enable world’s first crypto-currency Bitcoin. In a series of connections between Data Blocks, where each block can communicate with and verify the security and authenticity of other blocks on the network, Block Chain makes the data hacking and tampering proof. Considered obsolete by cynics until it made a dramatic comeback a couple years ago, Bitcoin helped envisage a revolutionary new way of storing data in a shared yet impenetrable fortress of data-chain (chainmail). Block Chain technology in association with IoT has the potential to turn our world as we see it, inside out and upside down.
  8. Internet of Things – The inter-connectivity of smart devices, smart-buildings and other electronic systems via the formation of a network through which they exchange data and create a holistic system based on the inter-communication network. The IoT has high prospects of being used in Industries – for automation of production systems and in Homes – for security and luxury. One can imagine a world where human beings would not have to operate different machines for using them – instead the network of devices would operate each other based on one time instructions provided to their memory. Apparently we are too lazy to switch on the lights by ourselves.

AICRA acts as a catalyst to innovation in these technologies, and helps businesses and educational institutions advance their goals. Individuals – Business Leaders and Students associate with AICRA to get better at their jobs, sharpen their skills and make decisions that become drivers of change. Partnership Opportunities with AICRA exist for Businesses to associate with AICRA and benefit from the knowledge of its expert panel. Institutions get tools to improve their training programs become more job-oriented. Students and Professionals can associate with AICRA through membership programs and can get professional certifications from AICRA Professional Certification programs which open a plethora of  career opportunities.


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