TechnoXian workshop conducted successfully in Newai, Rajasthan

TechnoXian presenting International Robotics league continues to attract young budding minds to participate in the tournament. KN Modi School in Newai, Rajasthan conducted Robotics and Automation workshops on 7th and 8th August. More than 50 students of the town attended the workshop.

KN Modi School has entered the league of schools conducting workshops that promote Robotics. Many students from across the nation have been preparing themselves for the International Robotics League to be held in 2016.

Many games, quizzes and puzzles relevant to the workshop topic were organised and students got an opportunity to explore their potential in the field of Robotics. “Hands-on-experience leads to better understanding of the working of Robotic parts and we thank TechnoXian for providing us an opportunity to get in touch with the automation industry” said a student of KN Modi school.

During the workshop, the students got a chance to showcase their robotic models and learn the robotics and automation basics that help them to strengthen their projects for the grand finale of the league.


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