How Quad Copter Fly without Obstacle!!!!

Being a technical students everyone wanted to do something different and creasy things but how they go here we try to present a new concept that how they create a quadcopter for fun . Some of them asked me to join them to help me out so I go with this…….!!! Each individual have their own set of skills and inborn talent that was tasked with a job. In assembling a quad we need certain things in common which included power, control, programming, assembling and some mechanical skill. I was tasked with programmingandhardware designing. After which I decided to form a group and decide what our design would be, how it look different and how we teach in a batter manner to any student for fun.

So I ordered the quadcopter control board and its parts needed to start and I began outlining the concept for constructing the copter. The Quadcopterdesigned to autonomously traverse a maze and reach a designated finish line avoiding obstacles and finding potential shortcuts to reach in a very sort time. We ordered a kit online when it delivered and I am very surprisingly open it I am surprised and little puzzled to see its component it have over a hundred pieces which took me several days to put it together and identifying the component properly. Every part  needed to be sanded and fit together and then glued for final assembling. The autonomous quadcopter was designed to traverse a maze so weneed  5 ultrasonic sensors to determine its position inhe maze and to avoid obstacles.  I mounted a  brackets that would fit on each of the copter’s arms. So that it protect it from obstacle and damages if they hit any obstacles, I designed guards out of handmade plastic brackets and coat hangers. A mount was also made for the fifth ultrasonicwhich is  pointed at the ground. I constructed a servo controlled which was mount on the bottom to hold a drone camera for image processing of the local vicinity. The Quadcopter was powered with  Lithium Polymer batteries which can sometimes be damaged if drained too hard so to revent that  I designed a shield to sit on top of our Arduino ADK (Android Development Kit) microcontroller to monitor the battery life so we did not damage the expensive batteries easily .

The shield is designed in a manner so that we attach all five ultrasonic sensors and four speed controllers on it .I also setup and mounted the IMU onto the copters dome and made a battery holder bracket to secure the battery in the copter. And enjoy your first quad for long time .


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